Invest in your own truck fleet in the USA. With your Investment, get your Investor Visa and a high return in USD



Head office in Miami



5 years with the possibility of renewal

Amount from:

99.000 USD


Investment status:


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You acquire a fleet of heavy trucks for logistical use, which operates in the market of the United States.  A society under the LLC format is formed, through which a truck or a fleet of trucks is purchased to be used in logistic operations within the United States. With investments of more than US$ 100,000.00, you can have access to an investor visa E-2, that will allow you to reside in the United States, if desired.    


You go into business making an investment starting from 99,000 USD. The cycle of permanence is 5 years. Once the period is over, you have the possibility to renew the contract.  


Its comparative advantages lie in the legal, economic and trade policy in the United States, with clear rules, investing in a growing market with a high demand and high profitability in dollars. The competitive advantages are the know-how and management tool we have for the business: selection and purchase of the units, hiring drivers, dispatchers and insurance. We are efficient in processes, mitigating risks and costs to achieve higher returns. We have a high quality team to convert your investment into a big business.


A possibility that is only known by a few when investing in the USA is that you can have your own business under the “turnkey” concept, which enables a visa type known as E-2, which is specific to foreign traders and investors.

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