Investor Visa E-2

A possibility that is only known by a few when investing in The USA is that you can have your own business under the “turnkey” concept, which enables a visa type known as E-2, which is specific to foreign traders and investors.

Argentina, as well as Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico, are the only countries in Latin America that have the kind of agreement necessary for obtaining investor visas, which became a new way for the development of their own business, being able to hire employees from the same nationality.

The investor that contributes with at least $356,000 can have their own transportation company fully operational under the LLC format. This means that, once you invest, you will automatically become the main provider of the company, the one that arranges the journeys after a commercial agreement between both companies. It is an excellent option to have your own business and live legally in the USA.

American Growing Business has lawyers and accountants specialized in immigration to successfully address the process of obtaining an investor’s visa.

Advantages of an E-2 Investment Visa


When you get an E-2 visa, you have the possibility to legally live in the USA.

Family extension

If you want, your visa can be extended to your children, anytime while they are under 21 years old.

Legal investor

You will become a legal business man and will be able to operate in the USA with no drawbacks.

Products with the possibility of getting an Investor’s Visa

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